The $365k Blog Traffic Formula

Is your blog alive but not receiving traffic? Would like to learn a quick and easy way for getting free traffic and search engine rankings? Look no further, this article will show you everything you wanted to know about traffic generating, but didn’t have the guts to ask. But for now let’s talk about getting traffic and why the majority of bloggers get it wrong. Believe it or not, up to 89% of all the bloggers out there think traffic is nothing but hits; they’re looking at traffic as statistics, and forget the basics – there’s a breathing human being in front of the computer, with probably the same problems, wants and needs as you.

If these bloggers would will give real thought on who they really want to attract, and who are they really talking with on their blog, traffic generating won’t seem hard at all. Hard but truth – for most bloggers traffic generation is rocket-science. When you master the basics, blog traffic generating turns into a breeze. Do your research, spy the pro bloggers in your niche. Do you think they’re hunting for traffic? Not at all, they make traffic come to them. Stay cool, it’s not a Voodoo thing! Here is an illustration to make my point across:

Imagine blogger A [the newbie] on the other side of the road… trying to attract the attention of the audience [the cars on the street and folks around] holding a BIG red sign “Visit my blog ->”

Now picture blogger B [the professional] who has an entire army of people and cars advertising on his behalf, all across the road.

89% of bloggers are trying too hard for their traffic; they’re publishing articles and writing blog posts; dabbling with SEO, Twittering, forum marketing, and so on. You, just like the small percentage of the bloggers out there, should recognize the true power of leveraging – taking advantage of other people’s traffic, rankings and authority. If you want to get on the boat of pro bloggers, then you have to model them just like a baby would model his parents:

Step #1 – think BIG – keep your focus [answer these questions: who's your ideal client? who are you really talking to?]

Step #2 – run interviews, ad swaps and blog roll exchanges with like-minded bloggers in your niche industry

Step #3 – avoid paying for advertising unless you have your metrics tested and proven [for e.g. you know the exact click and lead value of your visitor]

If you have stats proving you that for each blog visitor, you’re making $1 a month on average, then you probably could afford to pay 50 cents a visitor; you’d reap half a dollar as profit. Wow!

To get more pro blogging traffic tips, check out the “$365k Blog Traffic Formula“….”All dreams seem impossible until someone makes them happen”….Picture this: Getting your first 1,000 visitors is probably the hard part, but others have done it already. Getting 1,000 visitors per day puts you in the position to attracting 365,000 red-hot visitors to your blog like bees to honey…

Make it happen now: Let me introduce you to one of the hottest traffic-getting products at the moment. It’s called “The $365k Blog *Traffic Formula” and you should pay close attention to it because:

#1 – It’s a compilation of 8 “exclusive” interviews… 8 pro bloggers reveals to you how they get their traffic, mostly at no-cost whatsoever! It’s probably time you dump all those “money-eating” PPC

#2 – It saves time, money and frustration…You don’t have to re-invent the wheel. Forget about testing. Let others spend a fortune hoping to make some extra money. You want to work less, and make more…

These traffic-generating methods have been tested to print money on demand… when used in the right hands. You’d be insane not to “model” them for your blogging business! It’s like you’re using the master chief’s recipe to prepare  Sushi… it’s guaranteed to work! Download your copy now before your competitors hear about it and  leave you in plain dust!

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