How To Setup WordPress On Your Web Hosting Package Using A Fast Method

WordPress is an exceedingly popular blogging application. WordPress is based on PHP and MySQL and can be utilised on Linux and Windows web hosting packages and other platforms supporting PHP and MySQL. The easy way to get WordPress on your web hosting package is to have a host that offers auto-install for the application. Check with you UK web hosting company on whether they offer this facility, as a range of UK web hosting companies do.

A program such as Fantastico might be offered by your WHM reseller hosting provider and this kind of program is what automates the WordPress installation in addition to other web applications. You can find Fantastico by logging in to your web hosting UK account and searching for it on the control panel. Click on the Fantastico icon which will take you to a control panel with a choice of programs to install. When you select WordPress you will get a description of the application and a link titled ‘New Installation’.

Click the link and provide information in the fields that come up; these include for instance choosing a username and password and a domain and directory to install WordPress on. Fantastico provides instructions on how to fill these fields in.

Click the ‘Install WordPress’ button once the required fields’ information has been supplied. This takes you to a page that has information about the database that will be created and used for WordPress. This information is provided merely in case you want it; Fantastico will create the database so don’t worry that you have to do it yourself. Click on the ‘Finish installation’ button which will take you to a new page with a link you can click to get to your new WordPress site. Enter your password and username on WordPress and you are now able to alter your site, such as selecting an appearance theme.

The entire process of installing WordPress on your UK webhosting package can take less than a minute by using a handy auto-install program such as Fantastico. Enquire with your UK web host on whether they provide such a program, which removes the hassle of a technical installation and let’s you focus your time on developing your WordPress site.

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